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Airline ticket information
The details are>
Airline ticket
      The details are>
            The details are>
In the Philippines
As for the local market investigation
Leave it to me
*Our office (Manila Cebu Davao Clark)
It inflects and carries out questionnaires
The details are> about overseas travel accident insurance
The Philippine basic guide details are>

Latest News

About community isolation of the State of Cebu
It was community isolation announced to 5/31, but information entered when extended to 6/15 in the situation of some relaxation.
There is the part which it is hard to understand in English for a Japanese, but a level falls down in order of the following.
ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine)
MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine)
GCQ (General Community Quarantine)
MGCQ (Modified General Community Quarantine)
■Cebu City
ECQ (reinforcement community isolation) → It is relieved to MECQ (associate reinforcement community isolation)
■City of the State of Cebu except the above
MECQ and GCQ (general prevention of epidemics measures) → It is relieved to GCQ
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