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Latest News

A part of the flight for Manila is changed to to Cebu by a polymerase chain reaction test
With influence of the new coronavirus, the polymerase chain reaction test by the quarantine station is carried out at the time of the arrival to the Philippines as of 6/25 by all customers.
It is said that I suffer degree for 24-48 hours before a result of the inspection is given, and it is necessary to have you stay in the hotel which, meanwhile, DOH (Philippine Ministry of Health) appoints.
A point burdening you, please be careful about "the prior arrangement of the hotel" and "the hotel charges for the laboratory cost".
In addition, by the relations that the ability of the polymerase chain reaction test in the Manila Airport quarantine inspection is tight recently, there is the case that inspection is carried out in Cebu,
A part of the flight for Manila is changed to go to Cebu (the flight to Manila after the test result prepares free).
In that case, please be careful as there is need to arrange a designated hotel of Cebu in advance.
[planned flight to be changed to go to CEB as of 6/25]
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