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In the Philippines
As for the local market investigation
Leave it to me
*Our office (Manila Cebu Davao Clark)
It inflects and carries out questionnaires
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Latest News

[7/1 update] About Philippine isolation measures status
Isolation measures status from the government to 7/1-7/15 was announced some time ago.
◆Manila metropolitan area → GCQ continuation
◆Cebu City → ECQ continuation
◆mandaue city, rapurapu city, tarisai city, minguraneria konsoraon → GCQ continuation
◆State of Cebu except the above, bohoru state, Negros oriental state → MGCQ (STRICT LOCAL ACTION)
The hotel and the travel agency were going to be performed business resumption (the staff of 50% or less) of if shifted to MGCQ by GCQ, ECQ,
It is in condition not to be able to reopen until it shifts.
In addition, a street becomes impossible about the entry of the foreign tourist into Philippines so far.
The curfew of the Manila metropolitan area became 20:00-05:00 as bright news so far,
This was relaxed in many cities from last week and became 22:00-05:00.
The state that was not able to go out became in condition to be able to go out until 22:00 so far after 20:00.
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