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Staff diary (I send it than four Manila, Cebu three, our local representative) 

Manila metalwork apparatus Exhibition IMTP2018(INTERNATIONAL METALWORKING PHILIPPINES)

A venue: The World Trade Center (the pasai city net world hotel neighborhood)
A period: From August 22, 2018 to August 25 (four days)
Visitors: Missing * administration staff does not grasp it, too, but is expected with around 3,000-5,000 people in total
An exhibition company: Approximately 200 companies
Admission: Free (only as for the card tray handing over)
A summary: BtoB / metalwork apparatuses
As it was an event specialized in metalwork apparatus & BtoB, it did not seem to be crowded like an auto show.
The apparatus of China, Taiwan and the Middle Eastern maker is thought that there was many it mainly on a large machine of the metalwork in each booth.
Japanese-, YAMAZEN took out a big booth in the central nearby good place and gathered an another day system maker.
As for the visitors, various people such as the management-like range of factories, a pro-industry student group, a buyer affiliated with Europe and America felt that they were.
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