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Philippine basic guide

What kind of country is the Philippines?

Philippine map
Where is the Philippines?
There is the Philippines in there that went south more by air in Saipan from Japan for approximately four hours. Manila in northern part's greatest island Luzon is a capital.
Time difference
The time difference with Japan is -1 time.
A climate and climate
The country Philippines of the everlasting summer is a tropical rain forest climate. There are three seasons.
Rainy season: From June to October (a lot of rain is humid)
The dry season: From November to February (the time that it is easy to spend most coolly)
shoki: From March to May (at the hottest time, it is dry.)
Language, religion
There is the original culture that greatly received European and American influence from historic process such as Spain where I settled in in the 16th century, the later rule in the United States. A Philippine official language is firipino word, but English and the language peculiar to areas more than 11 kinds are used routinely. The religion spreading most is Roman Catholicism (approximately 89%), but the Islam (approximately 5%) spreads in southern some areas, too.
A country and population and major cities
The Philippines consists of approximately 7,100 islands; the country is area of approximately 80% in Japan. The population is 94 million people (January, 2016 newly) at approximately 80% in Japan. With much population, Luzon is 2,170,000 Kaesong, Manila 1,500,000, karokan 1,170,000 most. Besides, Cebu Cebu 710,000, each island including Mindanao 114, Davao all people are dotted with big cities.

STEP1. I decide a destination and a schedule (reservation of an airline ticket and the hotel)

Local office
From Japan to the Philippines
A direct flight goes into service frequently from an international airport (Narita <Haneda>, Nagoya, Kansai Airport, Fukuoka) of Japan to the Philippines. Because a price greatly fluctuates by a class and time, the air ticket will check a price before the travel by all means.
Movement of Philippines
I confirm the place of the destination and a place of Manila Cebu with the international airport. As a lot of local airports exist in the Philippines, the use of the domestic airline is recommended when it is not not separated by water from an international airport to the destination. I perform arrangement / ticketing of the domestic airline ticket by the south bound. If it is the movement of the short distance, a taxi is recommended, but the long-distance movement may be given a wide berth. When I use a long-distance bus, attention is necessary as I may be the night travel diamond to keep off a traffic jam.
Time to take by having traffic jam or not of the urban area by a destination largely changes. Let's make a schedule having the room about the movement. I am reliable when I stay in an international airport city (Manila Cebu) on arrival and a returning home day as an airplane and the bus of Philippines have the case which is not operated on schedule.
The accommodations
There is a modern hotel in most cities of Philippines, and the rate is prepared widely, but the beginner recommends a hotel with an air-conditioner, a flush lavatory. Judging from a Japanese standard, the problem hotel exists in security and fire measures including the cheap hotel, too. Let's take the confirmation in a reservation well. If a south bound can inquire it, I do an estimate to a budget.
Local tour
Cebu is global in the Philippines, and there are first-class golf courses such as popular beach, Mecca of the diving such as borachi Palawan, ARA van kanruban south Wood. If a south bound can inquire it, the person to want to enjoy the leisure locally can easily make a reservation even from Japan.

STEP2. I prepare before travel

Local office
I prepare before travel
・Passport (thing left more than the stay days)
・Airline ticket (electronic ticket)
・Hotel coupon (in the case of a hotel reservation)
 ※A guide assists for with pickup and drop-off.
・Money (cash of the Japanese Yen)
・Writing utensils (black ball-point pen)
・Change of clothes (clothes for the summer), sandals
・Household medicine, protecting against insects spray
・Bag (big thing for thing + others baggage which is small in kinaijikomiyo)
※As weight of the baggage includes a limit, I am careful. It is different at an airline, but puts the baggage in less than 20-23kg. As there is a limit more when I use a domestic airline, please refer.
※As you cannot prepare for peso that is a local currency of Philippines in Japan, please prepare for cash for Japanese Yen by all means.
The thing which is convenient when there is it
・Pocket tissue (the restroom of Philippines may not have paper. I will make plural preparations)
・Credit card (very convenient as not only the payment but also social position proof.)
・Jacket (it becomes chilly in the airplane. I prepare in a bag including the durability in the plane.)
・Cell-phone (as for the normal carrying of Japan, unavailable. There is the cheap rental cell-phone.)
・Collection of English conversation (the Japanese staff introduces a resident hotel to an anxious person.)
Access and fare, diamond to each airport
As the international airline to the Philippines is a life line of business and the one married a person from a different nationality, time suffers from the check-in at the airport from other lines. Please identify the access method to an airport as the departure time listed in an airline ticket (electronic ticket) to arrive more than 120 minutes of the departure ago. In the case of the use, let's leave the car for a traffic jam or an accident early.
The access to each airport is this: Narita AirportNagoya AirportOsaka International AirportFukuoka AirportHiroshima Airport
Confirmation matter of the wait
I tell the following things to a partner beforehand after having considered the case which cannot encounter by a traffic jam and an accident, a procedure at the time of the arrival when I meet an acquaintance locally.
・Airport Terminal (Philippine Airlines is NAIA1 other than NAIA2, it in the Manila Airport.which comes All Nippon Airways and some domestic airlines become NAIA3)
・Arrival time (after having arrived, it takes - around one hour by the entry formalities in the airport for 30 minutes.)
・One's contact information (I convey the contact information of the number of the cell-phone and the hotel to stay at.)
In addition, I hear the emergency contact information of the partner by all means as a lot of people meet, and a partner may not be caught in the airport immediately.

STEP3. I finally make a voyage (... entry in departure ... plane)

Local office
・I check in with a check-in machine by counter of the airline in the airport or oneself. As you may be crowded with many passengers because a line to the Philippines is a life line, please check in more than 90 minutes of the departure ago.
・As it becomes the cancellation when late for check-in and cannot board it, please be careful.
・The passport which has a residual period for entry of Philippines more than the stay days
・When it is younger than return ticket .15 years old, the companion of the parent is necessary. I cannot check in when I violate these.
When or a minor except <Philippines nationality younger than 15 years makes a voyage to the Philippines without an attendant of pro-(when I get a divorce pro-incarnation) alone, it is necessary for either parents to apply for proof of [agreement affidavit about WEG (Wegg) support, the guarantee] at a Philippine embassy.>
Departure procedure
・There is inspection before the departure. As a limit including the durability in the plane is strengthened, I recommend the confirmation at each airline. In addition, the liquid carry-on restrictions recommend that the latest information is confirmed in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
・The departure procedure only shows a passport and it is OK, but finishes it early as it may be crowded. Let's finish a rest room once before boarding it. The restroom in the plane may be crowded after an in-flight meal. ・It may become cold in the sky. I wear it or am reliable when I prepare in a bag.
・I look for a seat if I board it. When we do not know, let's ask a crew.
・I put baggage under the storing box above the head or the seat in front if I find a seat and wait for a takeoff.
I enter the country in a plane and prepare
・As an immigration card, a customs declaration is distributed in the plane, I fill out an immigration card with a black ball-point pen.
Entry formalities
1.I hand the boarding pass of an immigration (entry formalities) passport, an immigration card, the return. It is hardly asked a question by the immigration, but please reply it clearly when it is asked a question as you do not mind it by a simple word.
2.When I leave pickup baggage, I pick it up. Own baggage may not come out immediately.
3.I will prepare for peso before leaving the exchange airport. As there is it, currency exchange exchanges money around 10,000-20,000 yen in an airport. Please be careful not to change a large amount at a time. The exchange is possible at the city, the hotel, but the point that is changed by the friend and our guide, the arrival time of the airplane changes.
4.I hand an immigration card (customs declaration), a passport to customs person in charge who is on both sides of the customs exit and receive a check. An electric appliance or the corrugated cardboard baggage are inspected relatively strictly. In the case of taxation, please finish payment at a counter. When is tax-free, is given an OK signature for a report from a person in charge; and to the exit. A tax-free range: To two alcoholic beverages to 400 cigarettes (250 g for the or cigar 50 or pipe). The total of the overseas market price is jikomihin to US $350. Taking it the carry-on of the Philippine currency to 10,000 pesos. Taking it is unlimited a carry-on of the foreign currency, but, as for higher than 10,000 dollars equivalency, a report is necessary for the customs.
5.A baggage claim check is collected when I go out the baggage claim tag collection exit. As baggage claim checks are usually stuck on the back of the airline ticket, I submit this. As a person in charge collates a baggage claim check with a tag of the baggage, it is easy to look at the tag of the baggage.
If I go out of the airport
It is the best that a person not to know says with "no thank-you" in a loud voice flatly even if called out and no longer ignores it, and do not have anything to do. I find out the name, and it may be called out by the tag which the suitcase of the tourist whom welcomers are not found by for pay has. In own thing that it is said that I am waiting at other places when I am called and tell the name of the person of the meeting unintentionally, and is rather troublesome! ※When it is nice to except a relative, an acquaintance one-sidedly by a person without the acquaintance, 100% pay is required. There is the case rolled up in a robbery when I follow it as I am said.
From an airport to a hotel
The meanses of transportation from an airport to a hotel are following three mainly (as the payment of ※ taxi bus is peso, they are careful!)
・Coupon taxi…There is a counter at the airport exit. A rate is fixed every destination. Approximately 2,000 yen rank. (rainy weather bill change)
・Our pickup and drop-off service…There is pickup and drop-off service to a hotel. A person in charge in a crimson-colored blazer waits near an exit. A rate is 2,500 yen.
・Bus…There is a stop near an airport, but may be incomprehensible toward the beginner. The covert plan airport of the wait is crowded with the people of the meeting. I will try the following even if I cannot meet the partner who met without being upset.
・I contact you with the public telephone of the airport. (there are a vending machine and the public telephone of the prepaid card for the public telephone in the airport.)
・I move once to a hotel. (it is hard to move for a long time and is in danger with holding baggage.)

STEP4. Staying, meal, play

Local office
I check in at a hotel
・I show a hotel coupon at the front desk if I arrive at the hotel and finish check-in.
・I put the valuables in the security box of a hotel or the room. We are broken, and let's refrain from the use when we worry about working of doors. (every security box may encounter theft abroad.)
・The traditional restroom of Philippines does not have a toilet seat and paper and drains the water with a pail. We bring a pocket tissue by all means, and let's go out whether the inexperienced person finishes a rest room in a hotel.
Attention when going out
・It will prevent you from carrying valuables or the large denomination bill.
・It will prevent you from handing a coin even if pestered to a child. I come over in great numbers when I hand it to one because I am pretty.
Means of transportation
・There are many meanses of transportation in the Philippines, but the use of the taxi is recommended when I think about security.
・There are a hotel taxi (I raise the rate) and meter taxi (as for the rate, rather cheap) waiting in a taxi at a hotel.
・Let's confirm whether we use the meter by the meter taxi. When you do not use the meter, please confirm the rate to the destination.
・As for toraishikuru, jipuni, the air-conditioner taxi (tamaro), the local acquaintance used with one is wise.
・The meal in the Philippines uses a fork and the spoon. The uneasy person will set up chopsticks. ・I purchase mineral water whether the drinking water orders it at restaurants. Please never drink the tap water.
・Various restaurants form a line in the big city, and there is much fast food, too, but the seasoning is a little sweeter than Japan.

STEP5. Returning home (check-out, the departure, returning home)

Local office
Extension of stay and flight postponement
・Please refer without proposing a hotel to the front desk of the hotel directly when I lengthen my stay as the one that I proposed to the local office of the south bound may be cheap.
・As a charge is requested depending on an airline when I postpone a flight, please consult with airline or the south bound field office.
※The transit wishes for prior confirmation.
・It is necessary to pay use of airport tax 850 pesos at the time of returning home from Cebu. We do not use all up the cash, and let's leave the fare to airport tax + airport.
In addition, I do not leave the jackets to wear at the time of returning home in check-in counter and have with baggage including the durability in the plane.
・I file for the check-in at the counter of the airline of the returning home service. At this chance I hand a boarding pass and a passport to a person in charge. I leave the baggage not to bring into the plane here.
・I wait for an announcement of the boarding start and board a returning home flight if I finish a departure procedure. I will prepare for a jacket at hand by all means in winter as there is temperature difference with Japan.
Returning home
・I submit a passport to Japan by a returning home procedure after arrival. I pick up the baggage which I left when I finish the procedures such as the customs and come home. In addition, while dreaming of a next visit to the Philippines; ...
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