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Seasonal one piece

2019/4/27 Manila
Aliwan Fiesta 2019 was held and enlivened the spectators who the team which attained a full victory from the whole land of Philippines showed a traditional dance, and gathered.
2019/3/4 Manila
Asuka II called at a port of the Gulf of Manila.
I think that you were able to enjoy a stay in Manila to many customers.
2019/1/22 Manila
I attended a celebration in the New Year in the ambassador's residence.
Of the New Year when is new in a solemn atmosphere was able to make a start.
2018/12/15 Manila
It is Movie Stars Cafe where an event of Sapporo-shi was held on the other day,
I report it whether it is usually open in the concept of what kind of feeling.
2018/12/10 Manila
It is the state of "the visit to Japan trip promotion event of Sapporo-shi" held in Movie Stars Cafe of Kaesong City.

Staff diary (I send it than four Manila, Cebu three, our local representative) 


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