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Service (employer) for corporate enterprise

Business domain

[network of trip/staying work 40 years]

In "attic change of job" (attic tours job placement Division), I will solve the problem in the company-like human resources domain in a strength in experience and the network in a trip, the staying industry for past 40 years.

95% or more of registrants become the person concerned of the trip, staying business,
I have a strength to suggestion/supply mask of excellent human resources.

As for what the person concerned whom there was of the point of contact often registers with "an attic change of job" our business with trip business section in a previous job
We become one of the reasons holding a lot of class of excellent human resources. 
In addition, in always developing promotion in SNS in addition to the network in the industry
It always becomes possible to hold an active new user.

[human resources attribute/regular staff]

It features a user thinking that I want to do a regular staff change of job within one month by "an attic change of job" that there are many users with high change of job will more than 90%.
By way of background, I come under an influence by the corona evil of these days, and reorganization advances throughout the trade, and it is the tendency that flows a lot out among the human resources who played an active part in the front line grade particularly in a strong generation of a sense of responsibility. In addition, the resume tends to be beautiful as experience in the travel agency becomes important.

[we will help you]

Attic change of job
Attic tours
Job placement Division

[the person in charge]
The left: The Nakanishi right: Kakihara

Attic change of job

Attic tours
Job placement Division
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