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<the 14th Manila international auto show 201814th Manila International Auto Show 2018>
A venue: World trade center
A period: From 5 to 8 on April in 2018 (four days)
Visitors: Approximately 1 million last year (four days)
Admission: P100
A summary: Auto show / car parts sale
The largest auto show to become the 14th in this year in Philippines. The number of the visitors is announcement with approximately 1 million. The class of visitors varies, and families, a middle-age, youths, a foreigner, the height of the auto show including the photographer after the companion of popularity are felt. Many people seemed to seem to arrive for curiousness, and it is thought that I take a photograph with a new car and improve in FACEBOOK. The people thought to be some wealthy people had a business talk on the spot. In late years the loan annual interest falls, too, and a hurdle lowers so that down payment can purchase a new car for around tens of thousands of yen.
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