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[job offer information] The unification, management duties of each resort hotel's general manager (Ishigakijima, 398 total guest rooms) section
Resort hotel's general manager (Ishigakijima, 398 total guest rooms)
I will raise the large resort hotel which I can manage as a general manager.
Unification, the management of each section, the results management, lobbying, adjustment duties with each section of the Tokyo head office

[duties contents]
I would like the management duties as a chief executive of the hotel.
・Unification, the management of each hotel section
・The results management for the budget making of the charge hotel and maximization of the profit, cost control
・Customer correspondence, quality control, safety management
・Analysis for the problem improvement for achievements and the CS improvement, measure planning, practice
・Planning of the hotel personnel affairs system, upbringing, education, instruction, consultation of the subordinate
・Construction, maintenance of the relationship of mutual trust with the stakeholder
・Adjustment duties with hotel and each head office section
・Various repotingu, others

[qualification, experience]
The large hotel (more than three years) with the experience of the post of general manager
The person who can steer the whole facilities with the leadership
The person who extracts a problem for accomplishment, and can practice analysis, improvement, practice, report consultation continuously
The person who moves a team, and can solve a problem
The person who has a PC skill (Excel, others)

[work location, working hours]
・Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa

[service, welfare program]
Equipped with social insurance
Various congratulations or condolence ex gratia payments
Medical examination (once a year)
Commutation allowance (to monthly basis upper limit 50,000 yen)
The congratulations or condolence ex gratia payment
Various support (moving expense, loan-sharking company house rent assistance/up to 35,000 yen, the homecoming travel expenses, others) to a person of transfer
Employee discount system (than the best rate 15% OFF), welfare program service "benefit station" member, others
Post allowance, managerial class allowance, duties course allowance, temporary transfer allowance, transfer allowance, taking up job leaving his family behind allowance, others
A holiday, a vacation: 118 days a year, annual vacation (legal street), compassionate leave (the congratulations or condolence, others), care leave
Welfare program in this work location: There is a car commuting possible employee restaurant (for one meal of free of charge in working hours), and there is employee facilities discount (restaurant marine sports)

[interview place] (after passing paper screening)
Roppongi, Tokyo (the head office)
*When a visit to an office is difficult, I cope with an online interview. (I plan 3-4 times)

At first, I ask it
Thank you for your cooperation.

Charge: Nakanishi/Kakihara (ren)
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