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[job offer information] Real estate suggestion business
Job offer information]
◆More than 150% of company growth rate four sittings continuations! Annual turnover 10 billion! ◆100% reaction type business!
A type of industry: Business/plan business [corporation business, private practice]
Yearly income: 5 million-40 million (salary + incentive)
<duties contents>
I suggest it and sell an article of the downtown area with high property value for wealthy people and office workers thinking about real estate investment.
From an old one-room apartment 10 million yen or less old a recently-built apartment of the 20 million-30 million yen situated in a good location,
I treat it to a family type of the 50 million yen level widely.
Around six wards of downtown area (Chiyoda-ku, Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, Bunkyo-ku),
The point preparing much features the article which is easy to be sold in the good location along the high stocking standard.
The person who is not satisfied with the present income
The person who can do the best for accomplishment patiently
It is recruiting the people who can challenge it by oneself without narrowing the width of duties!
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