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[job offer information] I raise the sales departments of the JASDAQ listed company!
[job offer information]
The sales department of the JASDAQ listed company!
Reuse mobile (corporation, private practice)

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Work location: Tokyo
The employment form: Regular staff
Working hours: From 9:00 to 18:00
An application condition: More than business experience three years
A salary: Salary 220,000 yen - 250,000 yen
※A bonus twice a year (depend on the results of the person, the results of the company)
※kakyu will treat experience and ability well after consideration.
※Raise in salary once a year (it depends on the results of the person, the results of the company)

General corporations have you perform business about the buying and selling of the reuse mobile product (smartphone tablets) and the value-added suggestion in the wide field a carrier, a maker reuse company, a distribution general merchandising store.
The sales amount grows steadily every year and becomes the business that will grow up more and more in future. Individual result becomes the result of the same business in what the gathering the best people corps becomes and are worthwhile job at all.
There is the new item and is the place of the chance when you can grow up with a company.

■The handling quotient materials
Communication terminals such as a smartphone (iPhone), a tablet, the Wi-Fi router
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■Raise in salary once a year
■A bonus twice a year
■Overtime pay total amount supply ※The managerial class is excluded
■Transportation expenses total amount supply
■Commendation system in the company ※It is once in a quarter
■Equipped with social insurance (the employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity)
■Health insurance union participation
└ Medical examination, influenza vaccination for free
 Corona vaccine job area inoculation
  A sanitarium, the use of recreation facilities are discounted
■Mask, antiseptic solution for free supply
■Prevention of spray acrylic board setting in the office
■The retirement bonus system
■Employee stocks society system
■Defined-Contribution Pension
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