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Seasonal one piece

I send seasonal one piece of Philippines

2019/3/4 Manila
Asuka II called at a port of the Gulf of Manila.
I think that you were able to enjoy a stay in Manila to many customers.
2019/1/22 Manila
I attended a celebration in the New Year in the ambassador's residence.
Of the New Year when is new in a solemn atmosphere was able to make a start.
2018/12/10 Manila
It is the state of "the visit to Japan trip promotion event of Sapporo-shi" held in Movie Stars Cafe of Kaesong City.
2018/12/5 PM Manila
It is a state of "the second south bound visit to Japan trip briefing session in Manila".
Visit to Japan professional Kawakami visit to the Philippines
2018/12/15 Manila
It is Movie Stars Cafe where an event of Sapporo-shi was held on the other day,
I report it whether it is usually open in the concept of what kind of feeling.
2018/12/5@ Manila
It is the state of the preparations of "the second south bound visit to Japan trip briefing session".
Organizer Kawakami visit to the Philippines
2018/11/15@ Manila
"Hokkaido visit to Japan trip briefing session" puromo
2018/10/9@ Manila
"Recent Manila" puromo
2018/10/1@ Manila
"World heritage banaue" promotion video
2018/09/20@ Cebu
See, this dignified figure!
The boat assist staff of the island picnic.
As it works, I think that it is quite difficult to take it, but balance is characteristicShiningly
(I cannot imitate the good childWarning mark (triangle))
2018/09/15@ Manila
Typhoon 22 strikes Luzon.
It is going to lead to the South China Sea by the end of today.
There was the staff who began to dance in the office.
2018/09/07@ Manila
Jolibee CCP
I went to the meeting on a 7-year-old birthday of a daughter of the local staff!
When a child becomes 1 year old, 7 years old, 18 years old (girl), 21 years old (boy) in the Philippines
I celebrate it for such a feeling together.
2018/09/07@ Manila
The Manila Hotel
It is a lobby full of the sense of quality of the well-established hotel more than founding 100 years.
As it is near from in tram loss, it is convenient for sightseeing!
2018/09/03@ Manila
Toby' s Estate Coffee
A cafe of the Makati which I discovered recently. Coffee (P130) different in the gangs who worked of the acidity is very delicious.
I do on a regular holiday for from 07:00 to 22:00
An address: G/F, Senta Condominium, 140 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila
2018/08/21@ Manila
Speaking of the energy drink which fully entered sold at a convenience store
It is "MONSTER". When I stay up all night, it is useful. Orange taste is recommended☆
2018/08/16@ Manila
It becomes such a quantity when I buy a banana for P3, 000 minutes.
Are there around 200?
2018/08/2@ Manila
Marugame noodle making in Makati city gurorietta
BEEF ONTAMA BUKKAKE is quite popular and is a line every day.
2018/07/26@ Manila
Philippine popular patisserie "red ribbon"
As you can buy it in P500~ including the birthday cake, it is quite popular.
2018/07/06@ Cebu
It is during great admiration operation as of a Mactan Cebu International Airport international airline new terminal (terminal 2)
After all the beautiful airport is good
As an airport tax rises in price to from 750 pesos to 850 pesos per person, with new terminal opening, please be careful
2018/6/11@ Manila
The passage lengthening from Manila Airport Terminal 3 to the resort world area is very convenient. The name is "Run Way" or "Link Bridge".


2018/4/23@ Manila
The 14th Manila international auto show that was held in Manila
A vehicle, the jeepney of general public were displayed, too.


2018/3/27@ Cebu
The memorial service monument in the site of Cebu City Vicente Sotto Hospital.
It was Japanese army Hospital in wartime.


2018/2/16@ Okada Manila
I celebrate it in the Philippines with many people of the Chinese system in the lunar New Year.


2018/01/9@ Manila
In fact, the beef bowl of Seven-Eleven is considerably delicious.
2017/12/27@ language school PICO
I participated in a briefing session of PICO.
Oh, as the environment that can concentrate on study of the van is regulated
The person who wants to improve English seriously is here.


2017/12/7 @ Manila

Christmas decoration of pasai city Mall Of Asia

A design for family layer◎


2017/10/25@ puerutopurinsesa

The crocodile farm where a crocodile is bred. The garden steals a crocodile. Anyway, it is a rare place specialized in a crocodile. I can eat shishigu of the crocodile meat in the downtown, too.


2017/10/3@ Manila

The JAL cherry tree lounge of the Manila Airport first terminal was renewed. It is usable spaciously than before.


2017/09/3@ Manila

The 28th Philippines travel Mart (trip Expo) was held in SMX. The visitors become 58,000 people in a product for domestic BtoC on the basis of last year. 20% of visits are with increase by a plan of the person of operation.

I saw a lot of advertising of the butterness around this year.


2017/06/17@ Manila

A concert of Britney Spears was held in MALL OF ASIA ARENA. The start that I push it like the Philippines for 90 minutes.

There were many people who stood all the time when music began though it was a reserved seat, and danced it lightly.

2017/04/21@ Manila
Mt. Trekking in Batulao. I only go by car from Manila for approximately two hours and can enjoy dynamic nature♪
2017/03/15@ Manila
I photograph it at an SM mega mall in orutigasu. "The good eaves" open a long-awaited Japanese restaurant at last. The Japanese foods boom does not know that I stay! There is "the general of the dumpling "Ippudo" of the ramen in the same floor, too", and there is SAINTMARC in 1F, too. They may be expensive, but the consumers will more than the middle class seems to demand "the thing which is delicious even if high" than they eat in Japan. (Sanmig Pele)
2017/03/14@ Cebu
"rapurapu image" in the Cebu Mactan Island. Mr. rapurapu is a chief of the Mactan island that killed Magellan who was the around-the-world voyage middle in those days in the 16th century. It is very handsome (Tonkotsu.)
2017/03/02@ Manila
Badminton is popular recently in an office. In the gymnasium close to the office. Still, ・・. surprised at other groups which our staff played in the circumference in front of a quite good arm
2017/01/25@ Manila
1/28 is the lunar New Year. Overseas Chinese influences many things in the Philippines, and it is a holiday every year. A special corner is established in SM MAKATI. (ENJOY ☆ MAKATI NAKANISHI)
2017/01/23 @ borachi island
It is the borachi Island that is famous in the white beach that becomes approximately 4 kilos in total length, but there is the beach where, besides, there is many it in this island. The calm, quiet beach where pukabichi is located in the northwestern part of the island. It is buzz-buzz and the beach where is recommended in the which wants to spend mellow time a little than the beach that I did in a beach. The massage in the beach is trial that (kettle.), too
2017/01/19@ Manila
"The Tokyo power meal" which made a foray into mall of Asia following "Yoshinoya" in a major beef bowl chain store! (Sanmig Pele)
2017/01/17@ Manila
A sunset in mall of Asia. After all the setting sun of Manila is beautiful ♪ (Tonkotsu.)
2017/01/13@ Cebu
Cebu is shinurogumodo with a grand parade of the weekend near at hand. In shinurogu, Sunday of the third week becomes the grand parade by the Cebu's greatest festival every year in January. (opao_ko)
2017/01/09@ Manila
A hamburger of Fire Fly in the rooftop of the city garden ground. The size is four portions how! (Sanmig Pele)
2017/1/7@ Manila
Only a casino part opened software
"Okada Manila"
At last I put it inside
2016/12/21@ Makati
It is finally ... Christmas ♪ A huge image of the Christmas costume meets the image concerning a lobby of dushitanihoteru, a hotel of the Thai capital. Please spend Christmas when everybody is fun; ... ♫(Tonkotsu.)
2016/12/15@ Manila
kurisumasudeko of robinsommarate
(Sanmig Pele)
2016/11/16@ Palawan
It is snorkeling in the house leaf of the island resort "club paradise" in the northern part of Palawan! A large crowd of many fish is welcomed in the transparent sea ♪ There is nothing other than sea and mountains, nature as far as I look around it. It is such a luxury. (kettle.)
2016/11/9 @ Manila Chinatown
National Book Store = nation bookstore!
When though is exactly like that, is a Japanese nuance, ... which seems to be somehow strange
2016/10/28 @ Manila
Filipino idol unit "Kawaii5" which a keen Japanese producer deals with ♪ It is getting popular now! Check desuyo - required
2016/10/27 @ Cebu
"civet coffee" which sets up two places of shops in Cebu, the Mactan Island.
^^ which has the rare drink called the sweet potato latte
A certain maribago shop has free WIFI in the front of J Park Hotel, too and is slightly recommended when I want to take a break♪
2016/10/25 @ Cebu
The Filipino university student who challenges calligraphy in Japan and an exchange meeting of Philippines
2016/10/20 @ Manila
State in the shop of the Chinese food restaurant "Golden bay" located of mall of Asia by car for five minutes 
(Sanmig Pele)
2016/10/12@ Cebu
A state of the Mactan International Airport where is annual on the evening of Sunday.
Most of the placards are meetings of the student of the English language school.
More schools come to pick you up in the peaks such as the summer vacation.
2016/10/10@ Manila
The NAIA express from the opening planned third terminal in the year. In a traffic jam a period! (Sanmig Pele)
2016/10/02@ Manila
Fruit chipped ice of restaurant "KIWA" in it unpleasant hotel. A volume perfect score! (Sanmig Pele)
2016/10/1 @ Cebu
A Christmas tree of J-MALL.
A Christmas season has already begun at "BAR" season of SEPTEMBER in the Philippines.
2016/9/30@ Makati
In Japanese foods shop called KENSHIN "MEGA BEER" (mega beer)! It seems to be the quantity for three cans.
Event advertisement (Sanmig Pele) of Pokemon GO quite popular in the 2016/09/28 @ Robinson mall Philippines
2016/09/16 @ Manila
It is scrambled for the chicken at a birthday party of the staff.
2016/09/12 @ Manila
Tempura set meal of the Japanese restaurant "Yuuraku garden" in the diamond hotel
2016/09/02 @ Manila
2016/08/08 @ Manila
The Yakult in Philippines
2016/08/12 @ Manila
Makati, scenery from dushitanihoteru
2016/08/12 @ Manila
Hearthside barbecue, bar Nobunaga
2016/07/20 @ Manila
In Manila national museum (Sanmig Pele)
2016/07/05 @ Manila
In in front of fountain in the re-Sarh park (Sanmig Pele)
2016/07/04 @ kubao
In Farmers Market (Sanmig Pele)
2016/07/02 @ Manila
Scenery (Sanmig Pele) of Manila to see from a diamond hotel
2016/06/30 @ Manila
Japanese TV station (Sanmig Pele) which interviews the Filipino during the President inaugural address
2016/06/29 @ Manila
In preference restaurant "CHIBO" (Sanmig Pele)
2016/06/28 @ Manila
In steak restaurant "Fire Place" in the New World Manila bay hotel. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/06/27 @ Manila
marate church (Sanmig Pele) which a renovation completed recently
2016/06/26 @ Kaesong city
Gilmore IT center (Sanmig Pele)
2016/06/24 @ Manila
On pagusahan river mountain stream tour (Sanmig Pele)
2016/06/23 @ Manila
Dinner table (Sanmig Pele) which was prepared in an HCD bowling meet
2016/06/22 @ Manila
Participants of the metro Manila shake drill (fire drill) (Sanmig Pele)
2016/06/21 @ Manila
Scenery (Sanmig Pele) of the sunset to see along the Gulf of Manila
2016/06/20 @ Manila
Stylish Philippine dishes restaurant "Barbara's" in the in tram loss (Sanmig Pele)
2016/05/06 @ Manila
Halo halo of THE SINGING COOKS AND WAITERS at the intersection of buendia and Rojas Street. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/04/27 @ Manila
Mister Donut which opened in terminal 3 in this year. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/04/26 @ Manila
Starbucks which opened in third terminal 3F newly in January of this year. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/04/20 @ Manila
karessa experience to be able to enjoy by Manila in tram loss. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/03/29 @ Manila
The fried beef cattle gate in the Pan Pacific hotel
"Best w" ENJOY ☆Manila RN
2016/03/01 @ Manila
The private room of the red lantern of it unpleasant hotel. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/03/22 @ Manila
Japanese restaurant ICHIBA which opened to a resort world. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/02/29 @ Manila
depachaeria of the first terminal where remodeling was completed last year. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/03/04 @ Manila
The fireworks display that is held from mall of Asia to seen 3/19 on every Saturday. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/02/17 @ Manila
A diamond hotel lobby. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/02/12 @ Manila
Mall of Asia that is decorated with the red paper lantern of Chinese New Year. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/02/02 @ Manila
It is along Gulf of Manila that became beautiful by repair work on APEC holding. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/02/01 @ Manila
The lunar New Year decoration of erumitarobinsommoru. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/29 @ Manila
Manila wanen ikarano diamond hotel and New World Manila bay hotel. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/28 @ Manila
The re-Sarh park which His Majesty the Emperor visited yesterday. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/27 @ Manila
The scenery from LRT Cali Ed station home. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/26 @ Manila
The setting sun to see from Edser Street. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/19 @ Manila
A guest room of the historical Manila Hotel. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/25 @ Manila
Mall of Asia where the decoration of Chinese New Year is done. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/15 @ Makati
The wing shop "buffalo Wilde wing" which is near dushitanihoteru. I can eat and drink while enjoying world sports broadcast. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/14 @ hoop Itai
The view from people park observation deck of hoop Itai. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/13 @ Manila
The flowers arranged which are displayed in the Manila diamond hotel lobby. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/12 @ Manila
"wash-u" which sells Japanese style Washlet in a booth in mall of Asia. The next seems to open a store in Greenhill's. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/11 @ Manila
Miniature Nazareth image (Sanmig Pele) which I found in festival "black Nazareth" held on 9th
2016/01/08 @ Greenhill's
"CoCo first" was made at last in the Philippines. The price is slightly high, but most of the taste is the same! (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/07 @ Manila
A countdown buffet party in the Manila Hotel. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/05 @ Manila
A light up show was carried out in the re-Sarh park at the end of the year. (Sanmig Pele)
2016/01/04 @ Manila
New Year's Day in Japan is a New Year dish. I can be tasted in Manila. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/22 @ Manila
Mall of Asia, the colonnade open space of the main building. The decorations that a doh is showy hang in addition to a Christmas tree. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/21 @ Manila
An ornament of Santa Claus whom there is in mall of Asia. It is pleased very much by a Filipino liking a photograph. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/17 @ Manila
The Christmas tree which is displayed in maidasuhoteru. It is high so that a ceiling seems to gain it. A big red corsage is stylish. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/16 @ Manila
The Christmas tree of the hotel Gemma Chinese chives lobby. There is the house of the cake near the front desk, too. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/15 @ Makati
I photograph it in before in Makati on a holiday. The car which was decorated to get a lot of looks of people was parked. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/14 @ Makati
The white Christmas tree which soars in the lobby of dushitanihoteru. I can hear live performance from the day depending on time. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/10 @ Manila
The setting sun from the Gulf of Manila. Time for sunset becomes early. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/08 @ Manila
The front desk of the pearl garden hotel of the bay area. I see it without a big Christmas tree gorgeously. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/12/03 @ Manila
I photograph it in robinsonerumita. The Christmas tree soaring in the open space of the colonnade has presence. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/27 @ Manila
One piece in the New World Makati hotel lobby. Breadth is expensiveness compactly, and the Christmas tree here gives an impact. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/24 @ Manila
One piece, the Christmas tree which there was not last week in the Manila Airport third terminal were added newly. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/20 @ Manila
The road which was closed suddenly under the influence of APEC. The stress of the citizen is turned to the traffic maintenance man. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/16 @ Manila
One piece in the heritage hotel lobby. I occupy big space by the decorations. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/11 @ Manila
Ninoy Aquino Airport third terminal of Manila, one piece in the arrival area. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/10 @ Manila
One piece in the diamond hotel lobby. I stay until Christmas, and there becomes few it, and decorations battle begins with one month. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/11/02 @ Manila
The crimson hotel in the business area ARA van. The photograph is located in check-in lobby, 8F. I have a branch in Cebu. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/20 @ Manila
It is the long-established store which is open from cafe ad rear Tycho, 1979 along remediosusakuru of marate. How about the coffee after a meal in a calm atmosphere? (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/19 @ Manila
The Chinese restaurant which there is in front of Manila pavilion hotel. I seem to have the history of 20 years old. He/she arranges the private room depending on the number of people. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/16 @ Manila
A bowling alley in robinsonerumita. I can play for 1 game approximately 150 pesos. The price does not change very much with Japan (Sanmig Pele),
2015/10/14 @ Manila
A shrimp shack from the United States entering mall of Asia. Sauteed garlic and the garlic rice of prawns are addicted. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/12 @ Manila
A Korean restaurant enacted along the bedorohiru street to distribute of marate and erumita. It is near Robinson. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/10 @ Manila
Bar ken large.of the ad rear Tycho Street There is the kotatsu set in the floor seat, too and is really like the Japanese bar. I can enjoy delicious dishes from snacks to a rice thing. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/08 @ Manila
I photograph it in Ninoy Aquino Airport third terminal. Pizza Hut and Max' s opened newly. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/06 @ Manila
One piece in mall of Asia. Preparations for Christmas begin in September in the Philippines. Filipino uplift seems to increase from here. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/10/02 @ Manila
It is the photograph of the three-dimensional parking lot which is near mall of Asia. A lot of buildings of the unique design stand this neighborhood. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/30 @ Manila
Philippines which is next to mall of Asia's leading arena "Mall of Asia Arena." I am used for a game and a concert venue of the basketball. There is the big conference room called the SMX convention center next to this building, too. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/25 @ Manila
One piece in mall of Asia. It is a big shopping mall contained in the higher third place in Asia, but I plan expansion more, and construction advances steadily. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/25 @ banaue
Eyes go only to Tanada, but the beautiful wild flower blooms when I walk the neighborhood. It may be interesting when I walk while looking for the wild banana and coffee tree. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/22 @ banaue
The state of the house of the city hall neighborhood. It is built to range on a tin roof lengthwise. It is the scene which I remember in Baguio. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/21 @ banaue
One piece in the journey to bagaambirejji. The dog kept loose is friendly and is quiet so that people living at the field are calm. (Sanmig Pele)
 2015/09/17 @ banaue
A photograph when I am below Tanada to visit bagaambirejji. The plant of the red leaf seems to be a boundary line with the land of another person. The scenery of Tanada to look up at from the bottom is beautiful. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/15 @ banaue
A state of the rice-transplanting of banaueraisuterasu. If a seasonal timing is correct, I can see it. It seems to be a Philippine style to plant towards the outside from the center. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/12 @ banaue
A photograph of the sunrise from banauehoteru. Very fantastic. The clear sky is good, but taste may match what some cloud and fog after rain suffer from. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/09/03 @ banaue
The photograph of the journey leaving for banaue from sagada. I already see Tanada. I feel that a scale grows big so as to approach banaue. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/19 @ sagada
One piece in sumaginkebu. There are a lot of unique-shaped stalactite caves. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/24 @ sagada
A souvenir shop of sagada. Most shops are small personal management, and there are many handicrafts articles. A bracelet or a necklace are recommended. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/17 @ sagada
One piece by the echo valley. According to the name, big at this spot; when speak, an echo comes back. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/13 @ sagada
Philippine chipped ice (halo halo) using the circle very that is one of the special products of sagada. It is most suitable without being too sweet after some acidity working, and having sweated. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/07 @ sagada
The photograph of the sagada public house. There are many houses with a chimney as well as a house to be beautiful, and to see magnificently. As temperature lowers, will you light a fireplace? (Sanmig Pele)
2015/08/04 @ sagada
The local Filipino who sits down in front of a house. As the temperature is low, I put on a coat. At first it is a strange scene in Manila. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/31 @ mountain pro Vince
The scenery that I photographed in the mountainous area that had intense climate change. The sunlight to stab after a heavy rain to fall suddenly is fantastic. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/29 @ Baguio
The photograph of the general road in the Baguio city. There are a lot of slopes. There is a place doing a roadwork everywhere and will feel the force that seems to develop more and more in future. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/25 @ Baguio
The photograph of the taxi of Baguio. A slightly large vehicle used as jitney is running in the town as common use taxicab - in Manila. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/23 @ Baguio
The apartment which the President uses as a summer resort in hot summer. I cannot enter the building, but can enter to some inside of the big gate of the photograph. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/14 @ Baguio
The photograph in the one light park of the tourist attraction of Baguio. A horseback riding experience is possible. I can do it in Manila, but there is value to see in the much number of horses waiting in this park! (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/14 @ Baguio
It is black syrup tofu to see well in Manila, but Baguio can eat the tofu of the strawberry source (30 pesos). (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/01 @ bicancer
A photograph of McDonald's in bicancer. Is stylish not to break the atmosphere of the heritage site (cityscape remaining from the rule lower times in Spain) authorized by a world heritage; is designed. Besides, let's not agree, and joribi and the bank are designed, but are the funny scene which is not seen in the others. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/07/08 @ bicancer
The world heritage in bicancer, a photograph of the souvenir shop in "a heritage site." Spicy vinegar to use in cooking in Philippines well is like the special product. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/04/29 @ rawagu
It is one hour more to the north from rawagu in northern Luzon. A lot of facilities of the wind-generated electricity line up. Approximately a quarter omakanatteirudatoka of the local electricity. . (Sanmig Pele)
2015/04/27 @ banaue
Scenery of the sunrise that I can appreciate from banauehoteru. It is particular to wake in delicious air of the Nature. (Samnig Pele)
2015/04/09 @ Manila
A stand of Philippine naradewano delicacy barotto. Thermal insulation machines are always attached to be able to eat burning hot o. It is recommended to cover with spicy vinegar and salt with the chili pepper! (Sanmig Pele)
2015/04/06 @ orutigasu
The bowling alley in the SM mega mall. I can enjoy it for 1 game 180 pesos (approximately 250 yen). The rental of shoes is charged separately, too. Japan was these past several years, and bowling became very popular, but became popular in the here Philippines. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/04/03 @ paranyake
McDonald's is new opening in Ninoy Aquino Airport, third terminal 4F! There is tenant space in 4F still more, but is filled up with awful force. (Sanmig Pele
2015/03/31 @ orutigasu
The bus platform in front of the SM mega mall. The shuttle bus to casino hotel "city of dreams" of the bay area which made its grand opening in this year leaves. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/03/23 @ Manila
A decoration of recently familiar taxicab -. Cut a plastic bottle of the juice skillfully; for interior. It is a unique recycling method not to see in Japan. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/19 @ Manila
It is the photograph of the traffic maintenance man of Manila. I perform it with a stick in Japan, but attach the big gloves of the fluorescent color in the Philippines. When come to Manila; as for such funny scene without passing over! (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/18 @ Manila
One piece in the dining room along the ribataddo street. Many people gather by a Pope visit to the Philippines from the other day, but many restaurants and dining rooms in Manila expand the business hours under this influence and are doing good business very much! (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/16 @ Manila
The merchant who sells a souvenir in an area of Manila full of Pope visits to the Philippines. The price swelled a little, but the Filipino crowd where I went to from a district was in love. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/15 @ Manila
One piece in front of the citizen's gymnasium of the U.S. Embassy side. Police officers confirm security precaution at the time of the arrival of the Pope of the evening elaborately 07:00 a.m. ago. (Sanmig Pele)
20105/01/14 @ Manila
The photograph is Sari store in front of the office. I come to be essential for a cigarette, confectionery, a drink, a person from Philippi including the prepaid card of the carrying from a single dish for locality. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/13 @ Manila
A carriage (karessa) which goes around the in tram loss of Manila. It can be past atmospheric cityscape remaining from the rule lower times in Spain elegantly. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/12 @ Makati
One piece at the entrance of the New World hotel in the Makati. Big, unique ornaments are always put in the entrance of the New World hotel. Near in changing every period in the case of the calling by all means a check! (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/06 @ Makati
One piece by an okonomiyaki shop "noh dance" in Little Tokyo. I can enjoy the taste of the Japanese stand while hearing the performance of the straight band at the seat outside the shop. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/11 @ Manila
One piece near mall of Asia. I line up to continue being able to stand three fast food restaurants such as hamburgers. I will love a Filipino. . A lot of class of visitors of the family is founded on a holiday. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/02 @ Manila
One piece in the shopping mall of Manila. A visit to the Philippines of Pope Francis on January 15 approached, and commemorative goods came to form a line. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/08 @ Manila
One piece in the parade of the celebrity performed in Rojas main street. In the Philippines with the national traits that a festival and an event like, there are many events regardless of a scale. When the plan that can come to the Philippines was fixed, I check the event information! (Sanmig Pele)
2014/01/03 @ Subic
I photographed it on the way to Bataan. The scenery of the fantastic sunset is featured one of the sightseeing of Philippines. When you come to the Philippines, look at the sunset of the Gulf of Manila said to be proud of beauty of the world's highest mountain by all means. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/12/19 @ Makati
One piece in Japanese foods restaurant UMU in dushitanihoteru. The Filipino with the study makes sushi with a Japanese. The staff dressed in the kimono shows around the shop, the atmosphere of the shop is GOOD, too! (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/27 @ Manila
Restaurant of Philippine general public, popular name payompayon. The price of liquor and dishes is reasonable, too. It is in the downtown of Manila everywhere. (Sanmig Pele)
2015/01/10 @ Manila
Philippine naradewano delicacy, popular name "Adidas." This is a foot of the chicken. That because a form was similar to the form of the logo of sports maker Adidas, I came to be called from general public like that. . (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/06 @ neubabisukaya
Midori spreads out as far as I look around it to the north from Manila for eight hours. The photograph is a rice field of Philippines. The place where I went for approximately another three hours is Tanada of that famous banaue. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/12/18 @ Makati
 The shop in the lobby of the Makati Shangri-La established for Christmas. The staff who did the costume play of the Santa cross stopped by for a photograph near and was extorted. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/05 @ Manila
bakurarammaketto close to the heritage hotel. It is cheaper than a supermarket. It becomes full with clothes and an accessory, stands of the Street food. It is environment far apart from the Makati of the cityscape which developed. To the locality who wants to look in living environment by all means! It is recommended to become a local person completely on outing light! (Sanming Pele)
2014/11/07 @ Manila
Conrad Hotel under construction along the Gulf of Manila. Construction is pushed forward for opening of the next year. I can see the number of floors so that there is not many it, but, on the other hand, the unique design which there is not at other hotels is outstanding. I look forward to completion of the next year very. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/04 @ Manila
The Sophie terhotel whom that President Obama stayed at in this year. The bar possesses the pool which can look around the Gulf of very large Manila and can spend elegant time. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/11/04 @ Manila
One piece in Japanese food buffet restaurant "BANZAI" along the back of mall of Asia, Manila bay. The collaboration of a samurai and the cake is novel. I can come across few funny scenery in Japan. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/31 @ Makati
A ramen shop "good luck tiger" in gurorietta 5. The orthodox school of the Tokyo Shibuya Head Office. The photograph is Tsukemen, but the quantity is very delicious without the hardness of the noodles which there is quite being too gentle. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/10/28 @ FT bonifashio
One piece with Italian restaurant "Italy varnish." I have a branch in Makati and am always full of a Filipino, foreign tourists. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/03 @ Manila
The lunch in the 21st-floor restaurant "Pacific lounge" of the Pan Pacific hotel. It is handier than 700 pesos and other hotels. I match pasta with preference like a photograph, and the original order is possible, too.
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/30 @ Manila
A heritage hotel in the bay area. The shuttle bus leaves a casino and the shopping mall soon, too. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/09/27 @ Manila
Restaurant of Philippine general public, popular name payompayon. The price of liquor and dishes is reasonable, too. It is in the downtown of Manila everywhere. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/30 @ Manila
International buffet restaurant "Dads Saisaki Kamayan" in the ad rear Tycho street. I renewed it several months ago, and the menu of the buffet became abundant. Philippine noted product, roast pig "rechon are seen every day, too"!
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/29 @ Manila
Pizzeria "PROJECT PIE" which is near mall of Asia. I decide a topping by oneself and bake it on the spot. Preference can do it to cheese and a source, is right a project. Have an original pizza only for oneself comfort!
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/28 @ Makati
Steak shop "I'm Angus" in near the buendia street. I use delicious beef from the United States. The kind of the wine is abundant, too. How about in a reward to oneself everyday? (Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/26 @ Manila
Edser Street toward the Makati of the beginning of the week. I am crowded like every time after the end of holidays.
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/27 @ Manila
A Philippine fruit "rambutan." It is not so appetizing visually, but looks just like the taste in the flesh such as the lychee.
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/25 @ Manila
"Gold's Gym" which is famous in the world where I opened newly in near the office. You thought that it was the price that was not low at all to use it, would you anticipate demand for class of visitors of the middle class and the residence to live in the new condominium?
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/24 @ Manila
The entrance of it unpleasant hotel. Especially than other hotels greatly extensive. (Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/22 @ Makati, gurorietta
"rurouni fencer" is shown this week in a main movie theater of metro Manila from 20th. English subtitles appear. The stage is Kyoto, but, in the location, a sightseeing poster of Kumamoto is displayed at the "rurouni fencer" of the movie theater corner in Kumamoto.
2014/08/21 @ our office
It is our expert Japanese tour guide. I follow Japanese Time tight and I put a body from an early morning to the middle of the night and am doing the care of the customer. Because life is irregular, a chronic disease of the high blood pressure is a cause of worry, but carry household medicine for 24 hours; is a smile in front of the customer by perfect physical condition. Please call out if you see it by waiting!
2014/08/20 @ Makati
Philippine dishes restaurant "LOREZO'S WAY" in green belt 3. It is the good restaurant which matches a Japanese mouth! (Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/19 @ Makati
The bar restaurant "71 grammar sea" in the 71-story condominium (apartment saying in Japan). I can overlook Makati from a balcony. The kind of the beer is abundant, too!
(Sanmig Pele)
2014/08/14 @ orutigasu
Japanese SAINTMARC opens in an SM mega mall in few days! (Sanmig pele)
Scenery of Rockwell of the 2014/05/31 evening.
The front desk of it unpleasant hotel which swells in 2014/06/26 @ Manila World Cup. (Sanmig Pele)
The skating rink in the 2014/05/24 mall. There was the Filipino who practiced in earnest among them.
The branch in the 2014/05/06 Rojas main street. chikinadobo is recommended!
A pork cutlet person of 2014/05/01 mall of Asia. Rice, cabbage, miso soup, fruit all-you-can-eat! The taste is up to professional standard, too! I was able to stand in line outside the shop.
2017/01/31@ Manila
I photograph it at an SM mega mall in orutigasu. "The good eaves" open a long-awaited Japanese restaurant at last. The Japanese foods boom does not know that I stay! There is "the general of the dumpling "Ippudo" of the ramen in the same floor, too", and there is SAINTMARC in 1F, too. They may be expensive, but the consumers will more than the middle class seems to demand "the thing which is delicious even if high" than they eat in Japan. (Sanmig Pele)
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