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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

I collect it or we acquire it and, about personal information to hold it, explain the handling and a basic policy including the use purposes.
1.  About our basic attitude toward personal information
We establish a "privacy policy" "personal information protection rule" in deference to the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Law to observe this and establish a regime for personal information protection depending on the duties actual situation and handle it according to a rule in the company adequately and carefully.

2.  About the acquisition, collection of personal information
We devise rules about the acquisition, the use, an offer of the personal information in us, and we handle personal information based on this appropriately.

3.  About the use of all possession personal information
I use the personal information that we hold for the following purpose in our service according to the Personal Information Protection Law or other associated laws.
・For a record, the rearranging of the contents which I accepted inquiries for the answer to inquiry and treated
・Such as services considered to be useful for a visitor for the service improvement to a visitor for an introduction, reporting
・Because I analyze the use of the service from the statistics information that cannot identify a visitor individual, and statistics measure becoming it, and they improve the development of the new service, the existing service

4.  About a protective measure of the personal information
About the personal information that we hold, necessary security measures are taken by the safety management measures that we prescribe. In addition, for our employee, I carry out the education training for personal information protection regularly and make sure of management of the possession personal information.

5.  About disclosure, the offer to a third party of the personal information
In us, I do not remove the exception that personal information was determined to a third party without permission by disclosure or laws and ordinances of the person. When I offer personal information to the third party, according to the Personal Information Protection Law or other associated laws, I perform it within the collection and the use purpose.

6.  About the inquiries such as disclosure, the correction of the personal information
As a general rule, disclosure, a correction, addition, deletion, suspension of the personal information that we hold, the request of the removal accept this without delay according to our appointed procedure only for the person who is driven by information of the personal information concerned as far as they are rational.

7.  About deletion, removal of the personal information
I delete the personal information of the visitor and remove it after visitor business (after obtaining it in the case of one without business) after progress for one year. But deletion may remove the personal information of the visitor in the progress without getting the prior subsequent consent of the visitor when I am judged to be necessary by our judgment.

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