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Seasonal one piece

2017/03/15@ Manila
I photograph it at an SM mega mall in orutigasu. The long-awaited Japanese restaurant "Yayoi eaves" are open at last. The Japanese foods boom does not know that I stay! There is "the general of the gyoza "a one-like temple" of the ramen in the same floor, too", and there is SAINTMARC in 1F, too. They may be expensive, but the consumers will more than the middle class seems to demand "the thing which is delicious even if high" than they eat in Japan. (Sanmig Pele)
2017/03/14@ Cebu
"rapurapu image" in the Cebu Mactan Island. Mr. rapurapu is a chief of the Mactan island that killed Magellan who was the around-the-world voyage middle in those days in the 16th century. It is very handsome (Tonkotsu.)

Staff diary (I send it than four Manila, Cebu three, our local representative) 


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