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Staff diary (I send it than four Manila, Cebu three, our local representative) 

Manila DAMPA market (Mall of Asia neighborhood)

Damper market entrance
The market
Fresh fish and cuttlefish

There is a seafood market called DAMPA MARKET by car from Mall of Asia to approximately five minutes.

I actually purchase the seafood which is ingredients here in a market and am a style to have you do cooking at the restaurant which is near.

As for the ingredients, fresh scallop and crab, cuttlefish and rapurapu, the lobsters which are high-quality ingredients again line up at the storefront,

I make price negotiation, and a price is decided on the staff of the shop.

If when it is a Japanese, a high price may be shown, but there is 1,000-1,500 peso for two people

I think whether you can thoroughly enjoy seafood enough.





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